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Our Movement

We believe every young person deserves access to healthy, nutritious food — no matter where we live — and we’re fighting to make that world a reality. Join us.

Big business pumps billions of pounds into advertising unhealthy products, whilst some of us struggle to stretch our free school meal allowance to cover a decent meal. The system is rigged against us, and it has to change.  

It’s our health and our futures on the line. Across the UK, we are rising up to fight for everyone’s right to healthy, nutritious food, no matter where we live. Join us.

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Our Programmes


National Youth Board

Our fearless leaders Christina Adane, 18, and Dev Sharma, 16, head up our National Youth Board — 15 young activists pushing for the UK Government to keep their promise and urgently protect child health across our country. Listen up for our voices on national radio, TV and online: we’re not stopping until every child has access to healthy and nutritious food!

Local Youth Boards

This year, we launched our first ever Local Youth Boards in London and Birmingham, coming together to explore the issues affecting our cities and regions, and to call on local government and businesses to take urgent action. Follow our journey as we launch our campaigns, and sign-up if you want us to come to your city next! 

Local Youth Boards
School Food Champions

School Food Champions

Right now, we learn a bit about healthy eating in class, but step into our school canteens and find a flood of junk food options. And for those of us on free school meals, our options are even more limited. This year, 700 young people in schools across the country are working to identify what we want to change about our school food — and launching social action projects to make it happen. 

Community Food Champions

Do you have many places to hang out in your local community that aren’t junk food shops? Have you ever noticed whether there’s affordable fruit and vegetables close to where you live? Or if the ads you see at the bus stop are promoting healthy or unhealthy options? This year, 30 young people in communities across London are working to explore these issues and make big change — and we’re going nationwide next year. 

Community Food Champions

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Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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