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The story you’re about to watch is fiction, but the facts in it are all true. It should be easy to eat healthily — it isn’t.

The food system is rigged against us: flooding our screens and streets with junk food then using deliberately misleading tactics to con us into eating it.

Our message is simple: it’s time big business was honest and transparent about the food they sell. Yet right now, companies are exploiting huge loopholes in the laws controlling how food is branded and promoted.

Join us in sending a powerful message: #DontHideWhatsInside. It’s time to protect the health and futures of millions of young people.


Big Campaign Win! The UK Government Will End Junk Food Advertising Online

Boris Johnson has listened to calls from Dev and our other young campaigners to protect child health.

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How To Be a Powerful Campaigner: What I Learned From Christina Adane

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How Fast Food Giants Capitalise on Young People Online in a Broken Food System

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School & Charity

Harry and Meghan's new podcast featuring Bite Back's Co-Chair Christina

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Bite Back in 2020!

Watch our video to see the incredible impact our young people have made this year!

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School & Charity

The Government Commits to Supporting Vulnerable Families Over Holidays

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Feed Britain Better Report

Young people challenge business and government - Learn from lockdown and make healthy food accessible to all children, all year round.

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Dear Prime Minister: We Must Not Trade Away Our Children’s Futures.

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The Bite Back 2030 Mission

To achieve a world where all young people have the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live.

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