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We Are Bite Back

We believe every young person deserves access to healthy, nutritious food, no matter where they live — but right now, that’s not our reality. Join the movement for change.


We spent the summer chatting to students from all over the country, asking them: what are you really eating at school? And we've heard some shocking insights. 

We believe that every school should meet the school food standards so every student gets the nutritious, healthy meals they’re entitled to. Help us make this a reality: read our report and share your story with us!

Tell the Food Industry: #DontHideWhatsInside!

It should be easy to eat healthily, but it’s not. Our new report exposes how big food businesses are manipulating young people into believing their products are healthy — when really, they’re packed with salt, sugar or fat. It’s time to tell these companies: #DontHideWhatsInside!


Big Campaign Win! The UK Government Will End Junk Food Advertising Online

Boris Johnson has listened to calls from Dev and our other young campaigners to protect child health.

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How To Be a Powerful Campaigner: What I Learned From Christina Adane

Read more and listen to Christina's mini class to get set on your path to become a campaigner today!

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How Fast Food Giants Capitalise on Young People Online in a Broken Food System

We must not only address individual changes people can make in their lives but most of all our broken food system.

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My New Analysis And Why We Should End Junk Food Marketing Online

Read my most recent report into junk food marketing online and why we must ensure to end it

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Find Out More About All The Amazing Impact Bite Back Made in 2020!

Watch our video to see the incredible impact our young people have made this year! We couldn't be prouder of them.

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The Government Commits to Supporting Vulnerable Families Over Holidays

We have worked incredibly hard and are so glad about the measures we have secured but our work is not done.

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Feed Britain Better Report: The Impact Of Covid 19 On Young People's Eating Habits

Young people challenge decision makers to learn from lockdown and make healthy food accessible to all children.

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