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The Bite Back 2030 Mission

To achieve a world where all young people have the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live.


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On September 28th, eight teenagers turned up to a restaurant for what they believed was the start of a social experiment. Little did they know, that it was really the end of it...

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Charlotte's Story

The youth voice of today is loud and proud

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Jacob's Story

Big companies are targeting vulnerable people for their own commercial gain

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Tasha's Story

I refuse to sit and watch a failed food system continue to have such a negative impact on the youth.

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Harrison's Story

One of the main issues that we face is product placement and advertising of unhealthy food it is everywhere especially all over social media, TV and YouTube which most people have access to

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Christina's Story

We can change this by having these conversations within our social circles, within our schools. To educate people and make people aware of the fact that they're being manipulated. I wanted to join this movement to engage young people into the conversation. 

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Sign our open letter to influencers!

We want influencers to pledge to STOP posting ads for fast food online. It’s not right that they're paid to promote a lie when they have the power to tell the truth.

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