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Youth Board Recruitment 2022: FAQs

If you have any questions please check out the FAQ below to see if it answers your query.


  1. Who is eligible to join the Youth Board? 

You’re eligible to apply if you’re between 14-17 years old and live in England. We’re particularly looking for young people in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool, where we have Local Youth Boards, but are also recruiting for our National Youth Board too. You can be based anywhere for that! If you’re from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, or eligible for free school meals, we particularly want to hear from you. 

  1. How many young people are you looking for? 

In Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool we are looking to recruit 15 new young campaigners in each city, as we launch Local Youth Boards for the first time. In Birmingham, we are filling up to 15 places. On our National Youth Board, there are up to 6 spaces up for grabs. 

  1. How do you choose who joins? 

We’ll be reviewing your application against criteria that look at passion, mission and campaign awareness, prior research done, current skills and skills desired. Both the Bite Back staff team, and our young campaigners, will be involved in this review. 

  1. When will I know if I’ve been accepted? 

We’ll let you know by Friday 8 July 2022 if your application has been successful. In the meantime, please save 21st - 24th August for our summer residential workshops! 

  1. Do I need to pay anything towards the programme? 

Nope. All expenses are covered — food, activities, merchandise, transport and anything else that comes up. If you need to travel to an event, we’ll either book your travel or reimburse you for it. 

  1. How will I travel to Bite Back events? 

It depends on the event, and the preference of you and your parents or guardians. Sometimes we’ll ask you to make your own way to an event, and cover the costs (e.g. reimburse your train ticket) and then it’s up to you whether you travel on your own (with your parent or guardian’s permission) or are escorted by a parent or guardian. In other cases, we’ll organise for you to meet with a Bite Back staff member who will escort you on public transport to make sure you get safely from A-B, and in some we’ll organise for a coach or minibus to come and pick up all our young people. If you, or your parent or guardian, are worried about this ahead of an event, just let us know and we’ll find the right solution. 

  1. Who will I be with? Will I make friends?

You’ll meet other young people from across the UK, and probably from your city too. You can see lots of our faces on the Bite Back website, and we promise we’re a wonderful friendly bunch! Our experience is that everyone gets to know each other quickly and makes new friends — we call ourselves a Bite Back family because we get along so well! 

  1. Will I ever be forced to do an activity? 

Nope! Our programme is designed to be totally flexible to you, giving you the opportunity to build the skills you want, and have the experiences that appeal to you. If you don’t fancy something, you can always opt-out or choose a different way of getting involved. 

  1. I’m really busy at school, with my job, or with other extra-curricular activities. How much time do I need to commit? 

If you’re accepted, you’ll be signing on for a year’s programme from August 2022 - July 2023. After that, if you’re under 18 it’s up to you whether you stay on for another year. It’s a flexible programme, and up to you how many events you attend, but the more you can come to the more you’ll get out of it. We ask that all our young campaigners attend the summer residential training from 21st - 24th August 2022 to kick-off the year! 

Throughout the year we’re super flexible to your calendar and particularly try to avoid organising too many activities during exam season. If we know you’re stressed out and busy, we won’t be bothering you! 

  1. How do you keep young people safe and well throughout the programme?

The wellbeing and safety of our young people is our top priority. If you’d like to read more on our safeguarding policies you can do so here. This was reviewed and updated with the support of an external expert, Catherine Rushford, in April 2022. All our staff are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding, and our safeguarding leads are on-hand 24/7 at all events to help with any problems. If you have a question about our safeguarding, please do reach out to for a chat. 

  1. What will the sleeping arrangements be at the summer residential? 

Your accommodation during the summer residential programme will be a dorm style accommodation. It will be split by gender and individual rooms will vary from 4, 8 to 10 beds. If you have any questions or if there’s something we can do to make you more comfortable, just let us know once you’ve been accepted to the programme. 

  1. What will be in place to enable me to practice my religion whilst taking part? 

We welcome young people from all and no faiths. At all our events, a quiet space will be available for prayer, reflection, and quiet time for any young person who needs it. We can cater for halal, kosher and any other religious dietary needs — you’ll have the chance to tell us about these, and anything else you might need, once you’ve been accepted to the programme. 

  1. I have special dietary requirements — will these be catered for? 

If you’re accepted onto the programme, we’ll ask you your dietary requirements and will cater for these at any face-to-face events. Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, or allergies — whatever it is, we can find a way to make sure you have a delicious meal. 

  1. I have a disability but want to take part — will this be okay?

We want young people of all abilities and backgrounds to take part and encourage you to apply. If you have particular needs, just let us know this once you’ve been accepted, and we’ll make necessary arrangements to make sure you have a fantastic experience on the Bite Back Youth Boards. The support we offer our young people is very individualised — so every young person will work with our Youth Team to identify the kinds of opportunities they’d like to get involved with, and the skills they’d like the build — so we can tailor it to your needs! 

  1. I don’t have regular access to a phone or laptop with internet — how will I be able to take part in the digital sessions? 

We don’t want technology to be a problem that stops you taking part, so if you’re worried about this, just apply and then let us know once you’ve been accepted and we’ll find a solution to get you online! 

  1. I’m not very good at writing in English — is there another way I can fill out the application form? 

We’re not marking you on your written English — it’s the content of your answers we care about! However, if you’d prefer to apply in a different way — for example, recording a video, or a voice note, responding to the answers, please feel free to do so. Just copy and paste the links to the videos into the application form where the written answers are requested. If you have any questions or problems, reach out to

  1. What happens if COVID-19 gets bad again? 

Any face-to-face events will consider government guidelines regarding the pandemic — in the past, we’ve moved our programmes online, or changed or postponed face-to-face events, in order to protect the wellbeing of our young people and staff. We hope this won’t be needed again, but will be keeping a close eye on any developments and adjusting plans accordingly. 

  1. How do I persuade my parent or guardian to let me take part? 

We know your family is always looking out for what’s best for you! If your parent or guardian has any questions or concerns about the programme, feel free to send them our way — they can email for a chat.

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