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An Update From Christina On Her Free School Meals Petition


26th May, 2020

Dear all,

Thank you so much for signing and supporting this crucial campaign! We have reached over 100,000 signatures, which is incredible! Unfortunately, the government has decided not to provide free school lunches over the half term, which is extremely disappointing. They have ignored a plea to prevent 1.3 million of our own children going hungry. 

We can only look forward, so we won’t give up as we try to extend free school lunches to the summer holidays, where their absence will be needed the most.

In just a week, over 100,000 people have joined this campaign. Imagine how big a campaign we can build together over the 8 weeks between now and the summer holidays! 

I’ll be getting in touch soon with plans on how we can take this campaign forward. In the meantime, please do sign up to Bite Back 2030’s newsletter here to find out more about all the work going on to make sure every young person in the country has access to healthy food.

Kindest regards and stay safe, 


Christina Adane



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