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"Our Voice Has Been Heard" A Message from Christina


Last week over 100,000 people signed my petition to tell the Government that every child has a right to a decent lunch over the holidays if they’d otherwise go hungry. 

In a U-turn, the Schools Minister has now confirmed that they have decided to extend provision over May half-term. This is so important for 1.3 million children across the country.  Our voice has been heard.  This really shows what we can achieve when we all campaign together.

It’s just a shame that this has only been properly confirmed today.  The lack of clarity will almost certainly have meant that some children didn’t get the decent meal that was their right and some schools may not ultimately get the funding they need.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who got behind me. And a big thank you to everyone, whether it’s schools, local authorities, charities, civil servants or politicians, who stand up for the rights of vulnerable children.  Now we all need to work together to make sure that free school meal provision is available to support 1.3 million children over the summer holidays.



Christina Adane says thank you


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