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Our Impact in 2022 — What An Incredible Year!

What a year! 2022 has seen the lifting of lockdown, an England win in the Women’s World Cup, and a total of three Prime Ministers. Meanwhile, a rising cost of living crisis has hit us all,  with difficult circumstances for many. It’s been a lot. But we’ve risen to the challenge, and kept fighting for child health. Take a look back with us by going through the below highlights.

Growing Our Youth Movement!

Have you spotted us?! This year we’ve been our recruiting new campaigners in schools, communities, cities, and nationwide — driving change at every level of the food system so every young person can access healthy and nutritious food, no matter where they live.

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Our Campaigns

Raising Our Voice to Extend Free School Meals to Children in Need

As the cost of living rises, more and more of us are struggling to afford a good meal at school — with 800,000 children living in poverty yet not eligible for free school meals. We’ve been raising our voices to tell the stories that need to be heard, and almost 230,000 of you have signed our petition so far. Do make sure to add your name if you haven’t already as we will hand it over to 10 Downing Street in January!

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We Told Kellogg’s: Don’t Hide What’s Inside

We’re tired of companies using health halos to hide their unhealthy products and market them as nutritious. This year we loved working on müd and taking Kellogg’s to task on their insidious practices. We’ll be back next year with a bang! For now why don’t you share our film?

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Defending The Fight to End Junk Food Ads 

The UK Government promised to protect child health by ending junk food ads online and on TV before 9pm — yet there’s been a lot of back and forth on this promise. Unfortunately, the junk food advertising restrictions have now been delayed until 2025 —  so do make sure you email your MP to protest this move.

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Spill The Beans: Improving School Food

One of our big wins this year came right at the beginning! We’ve been speaking up about the postcode lottery of school food, and got a big win in January — that’s finally being implemented as we are about to enter 2023!

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Working with Big Food Businesses to Protect Health

While we will continue to call out big food companies who refuse to prioritise child health, we also started a new programme to work closely with Chartwells, Costa Coffee, Danone, Deliveroo, Innocent, Jamie Oliver Ltd, KFC, Tesco on how they can prioritise health and listen to young people. One big impact? In November, the businesses came together to release a statement calling on the Government to do more.

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This Wouldn’t Be Possible Without You! 

This year, you’ve stepped up and supported our campaigns to pile the pressure onto the politicians and business leaders who can lead the way for child health. You’ve taken 259,993 actions — including 6,334 emails to MPs — showing those in power that the British public wants child health to be protected. Thank you so much!

Keep up!

Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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