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Making Your £15 Free School Meal Voucher Go Further at Home


How best to spend it?

Today’s announcement from the Government that young people who qualify for free school meals will be able to claim a £15 supermarket voucher to access meals while at home will leave many families wondering how to make the most of their limited budget. 

If that includes you, or your family, Bite Back 2030 has put together a guide to what you need to know about claiming; a simple shopping list and some easy meal ideas that will hopefully help families.

We need to make it as easy as possible right now for parents and carers to feed their children well.
Bite Back 2030 Founder, Celebrity Chef and Campaigner Jamie Oliver

As our founder, the celebrity chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver says, “It’s fantastic to see so many people come together across the country to support kids and families so that no child goes hungry. We need to make it as easy as possible right now for parents and carers to feed their children well. ”

The shopping list has been price-checked to come within the allocated budget at a mid-range supermarket. It aims for meals that can be made with minimal prep time and equipment.

Bite Back 2030 CEO James Toop said: “The ingredients on this list can be used to prepare hot or cold food, and it’s all checked to be within the School Food Standards. We hope this will be useful to parents and carers, giving them a small helping hand while they try and do the best they can for their families.”

Your questions answered…

Will I receive a voucher?

Many schools are able to use their excellent catering teams to provide meals for collection or delivery but if this isn’t possible, this scheme will give electronic vouchers to families to spend in supermarkets.  They are also available as gift cards for those without internet access.

Where can I spend it?

The vouchers can be spent on food at a range of shops including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and M&S, with the Department for Education working to get more shops to join the scheme as soon as possible.

How best to spend it?

Along with School Food Matters, we’ve pulled together a simple shopping list with some ideas for balanced meals to give an example of how these vouchers could be spent.  And this isn’t just for those receiving vouchers. Hopefully this will also work for anyone on a budget and for families with limited time.

Bite Back 2030 Voucher Shopping List

Bite Back 2030 Voucher Shopping list



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