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Free School Meals Half-Term Statement: "We won't give up!"


Bite Back 2030 Youth Board member Dev gives his statement on yesterday's vote by MP's not to extend free school meals over October half-term:

"For 1.4 million children living in the UK, free school meal support is the difference between whether they get a nutritious meal or not during the holidays. 

I am one of them.

Yesterday our voices were ignored by the government who voted to abandon us and not extend this vital support to us through October half term. 

For too many that will mean no nutritious, healthy food at all, and for some it will mean going hungry altogether. Surely no child growing up in one of the world’s richest countries should be in this position?

Please help make sure this never happens again, and join our campaign for a permanent solution. We need to come together as one powerful young voice to bring about change.

Sign Christina's petition now to be part of the action - Let’s make change happen together and bring about a solution that works 365 days a year."

Dev's statement on Free School Meals​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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