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"Everyone deserves to be given affordable healthy options"


"My experience being from a single parent household growing up, it meant mum was working the majority of the time, and if she didn't have time to cook her healthy nutritious food, it would be easier to ask for things on the telly that were cheap and convenient to eat at home, without realising the impact it was having on my health both mentally and physically. I gained weight very quickly, being overweight leaving primary school, which has now become the normal trajectory! However, back in 2008, it wasn't normal, so I was fat shamed, being teased for being a 'beast' throughout primary school & high school. This resulted in feeling awful about myself, leading to low confidence. It was very tough for me.

A child views junk food on a screen
"As a child, you aren’t able to recognise the persuasive intentions of advertising!"

Specific marketing schemes for junk food such as McDonald's Monopoly /collectable Coca Cola glasses also aim to target us kids with the bright colours and tempting us with prizes. As a child, you aren’t able to recognise the persuasive intentions of advertising! Also having options like the 2 for £2 burgers from our local chicken shop were cheap and filling! It becomes a continuous cycle of eating badly, feeling good for a while, then feeling a crash of energy (which is common in fizzy/energy drinks).

Although there are healthy options, they tend to be more expensive, and with the difference in household income, it may not be a choice for people even if they wanted to choose it! Everyone deserves to be given affordable healthy options." - Ishini Mendis, 22, Reading

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