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Back to Basics - Cook With Jack

'Back to Basics' week

Bite Back 2030, generously supported by the Laidlaw Foundation, is launching 'Cook with Jack', a new series to show you how to prepare quick, tasty and affordable lunches.

Each school day at 12pm on our YouTube channel, Jack Deane, a chef from the Jamie Oliver Cookery School, will be volunteering his time to cook lunch from a shopping list price-checked by Bite Back 2030 to fall within the weekly free school meals budget at a national mid-range supermarket. We will rustle up simple meals that can be made with minimal prep time and equipment whilst meeting the requirements of the School Food Standards.

Below is our £15 shopping list and click on the links below to be taken to the recipes and cook along videos.

27th April - 1st May:

Monday: Perfect scrambled eggs on toast 

Tuesday: Easy sandwich inspiration

Wednesday: Tasty couscous

Thursday: Amazing baked potato

Friday: Poached egg on toast, with peanut butter and banana dessert

Click here for 4th - 8th May shopping list and meal plan!

Bite Back 2030 Shopping List Week 1



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