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It's Time to End Junk Food Marketing Online



Doctor Alex

We fully support today’s proposal from the Government to end junk food marketing online.  The young people that lead our campaigning repeatedly tell us they feel subjected to relentless junk food advertising with direct consequences for their health and the food they eat.

Our recently published Feed Britain Better report, based on detailed research exploring the experience of a thousand young people and food during lockdown, clearly illustrated the problem.  Over and over again the respondents talked about sustained and growing bombardment from junk food adverts online.  Our launch film one year ago also focused on the manipulative nature of junk food advertising and its impact on children:

Freya Watson from the Bite Back Youth Board says:

“Junk food is promoted by the influencers we follow on social media and in corners of the internet where we don’t even realise we’re being marketed at. Don’t forget that in lockdown, we spent even more time staring at our screens. This has such a massive impact on our health. We hope people will support the recommendation of this consultation."

The Government’s evidence released today shows children were exposed to an incredible 15.1 billion advertising impressions for food and drink high in fat, sugar, or salt online every year.   Now, more than ever, we need the health of young people to be a priority. The evidence is overwhelming - this relentless barrage of junk food adverts is bad for their health. It’s time for it to end.  It’s time to Feed Britain Better and put young people’s health at the heart of COVID recovery.

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