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The Creative Collective


In a fresh new approach for Bite Back we are looking for three brilliant creatives to form a new collective. Your remit? To create surprising, energetic, youth centred social media content that delivers Bite Back’s message via YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels to a teen audience.

This is an entry level position for individuals who are passionate about using their content making abilities to drive social change. In return you will be incubated within Bite Back for 12 months in paid positions.

What are we looking to achieve? Think Hype House meets Vice! We need to open people’s eyes to our issue and get them looking at the world through a fresh lens.

Here is why and where your work could help change the world! 

Right now the health of one in three children is at risk of diet related ill health by the time they leave primary school! Meanwhile - Our world is flooded with junk food and billions is being spent on marketing that makes damn sure it plays a starring role in children’s minds. Products claim they are good for us when they are not, it is impossible to escape pressure from fast food giants, and good food costs three times the price of junk.

Few people realise the powers at play. Just 10 big food companies control 90% of the food we buy and many of them have a track record for lobbying against child health laws which would protect consumers. Successive governments have failed to bring in legislation that would protect children’s health despite making promises.

Bite Back are campaigning for change so that by 2030 no child will suffer or go on to suffer diet related ill health.

So — whether you are a talented college leaver, or a graduate with over 60k followers looking to grow your own social media profiles; fulfil your creative calling and drive for purpose through this exciting opportunity to work with our brand.

What is in it for you?

  • A regular income - Salary 25k (pro rata 4 days a week) 
  • Mentorship from top industry professionals in social content creation, video production, animation and the arts, and brand communications. 
  • Opportunity to play an active role in engaging and developing social media strategies on Bite Back 2030 campaigns, including working with creative agencies to gain professional experience. 
  • Opportunity to be part of, and learn from, a team delivering successful creative and life changing campaigns.
  • Space to carry on doing your own stuff alongside.

You will need to be able and happy to:

  • Work individually or as part of a team to dream up and deliver brilliant content including staging, filming and editing.
  • Understand and have a proven record of delivering social media content with a big reach and engagement.
  • Have experience of building new audiences, preferably around a social justice issue.
  • Come to understand the complexity of our issue and the most powerful narratives for driving change.
  • Uphold our values of being real, fresh, energetic, resilient, and respectful.
  • Be bold and hungry for driving the next big trend
  • Make the most of your brilliant sense of humour!
  • Share data on the average amount of video views your TikTok, YouTube or Instagram channel can achieve and use this to form targets for Bite Back content shared on your channel.
  • Have a following of 60k+

How to apply:

Create a piece of content that captures our attention. It should be:

  • Created for TikTok, YouTube or Insta Reels
  • Call out/expose/ highlight the excessive and/or unfair marketing of junk food to young people
  • Represent Bite Back’s values of being fresh, real, resilient, respectful, and energetic
  • Ready for posting including copy and any hashtags
  • Clear how you would ensure this gets loads of shares e.g  using your contacts, creative networks, supportive influencers etc
  • Sent to by Friday 7th October 2022.

If you are successful there will be a second stage of the application. 

You will be invited to an in person Dragon’s Den style elevator pitch to a panel of high profile adults and young people showing what a channel takeover would look like.

Useful Resources:

Keep up!

Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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