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Calling All Young People! Take the #DontHideWhatsInside challenge

Bite Back Youth Board Co-Chair David

On Saturday, 25 January, the Bite Back 2030 Youth Board launched the #DontHideWhatsInside campaign to demand more honest food labels. Here's a message from Youth Board Co-Chair Dave, on how to get involved: 

"Calling all young people. On Saturday, we launch our #DontHideWhatsInside campaign.

Right now, companies are bending the truth about what’s inside their products. It’s a tactic they use to sell us more or make us think something is healthy when it’s not. As young consumers, don’t we have a right to simple, understandable information on what we eat and drink? 

We just want products to show us what they’re really made of! They should have colour-coded traffic light labels on the front of their packs. And they should be honest and clear about portion sizes. 

We’re trying to find the most misleading labels and get businesses to step up and be more truthful!

That’s why we’re launching the #DontHideWhatsInside challenge. Take a picture of a misleading food or drink label and tag us. We’re trying to find the most misleading and get businesses to step up and be more truthful! 

If you can promote our competition and get involved that would be brilliant.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support so far!

Dave, Co-Chair of Bite Back 2030 Youth Board"

Keep up!

Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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