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8 Awesome Egg Designs for Easter

Bite Back 2030 easter eggs

Easter is here and while chocolate eggs may be harder to come by, we thought we would share some pretty awesome designs for decorating your eggshells this Easter weekend.

1. Celeb Eggs

We love these funny celebrity eggs. You can draw your favourite celebs, print them out and transfer them onto your eggs! If you can't find tattoo paper (Amazon??) just print using normal paper, then stick to the side of your eggshell.

Click here for instructions


2. Avocado Eggs

Avocado - the icon of a millennial. WELL, we think these are pretty cool. Click the link below for a tutorial on how to create these awesome totally Instagramable avocado eggs. For the brown bit in the middle, you could just paint a simple brown circle instead.

Click here for instructions


3. Super Mario Eggs

Super Mario eggs? Yes, please! We love this awesome design of these great characters from the game. Which is your favourite design?

Click here for instructions


4. Ninja Eggs

Ninjas eggs are very, very simple but incredibly effective. If you have not got any ribbon lying around the house, I am sure that colouring in a piece of string would be just as effective. Otherwise, there is not much else you need to create a team of Ninjas.

Click here for instructions

5. Tiger King Eggs

Tiger King is the top show on Netflix this past month! Everyone is talking about it. So here are some how-tos for a bunch of different animal prints but why not try your hand at Joe Exotic as well?

Click here for instructions


6. Fruit and Veggies Eggs

The great thing about this kind of design is that you can take inspiration from this to make all kinds of fruit and veg. Also, a very colourful and bright piece of art. The pineapple is our favourite.

Click here for instructions


7. Unicorn Eggs

Unicorns are incredibly popular and they make for pretty cool designs. If you or anyone in your family loves unicorns, then instead of a chocolate egg this year, why not present them with your masterpiece Unicorn Egg

Click here for instructions


8. Ice Cream Eggs

Did you think that we would never feature the idea of ice cream at Bite Back 2030? To us, it’s all about moderation! This is a pretty cool design and you can use your loo roll to display your eggs.

Click here for instructions

Let us know in the comments on social which one is your favourite or tag us in your designs over the weekend on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter at @BiteBack2030.


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