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We’ve #AdEnough! Write to Matt Hancock to Protect Child Health

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Dev, age 16, has been tirelessly campaigning to stop him and his friends being bombarded by junk food advertising online. A few months ago, he wrote an open letter to Matt Hancock which, after a lot of public support, resulted in the Department of Health agreeing to meet and discuss this important issue with Dev. But whilst we wait for this meeting to be set-up, we need to keep the need to protect young people’s health top of mind for the Government. 

Despite the wealth of evidence showing the effectiveness of advertising, the food industry is pushing back hard — even arguing that their own advertising doesn’t work, therefore shouldn’t be regulated! We need to show Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and their fellow policy makers that the public is behind Dev, not the industry that spends £438 million a year trying to get him and other young people to buy junk food. 

Please lend your voice and support to this important issue, and write to Matt Hancock asking him to stick to his guns and protect child health in the UK. By filling in your details, you'll send the below email: 

Dear Matt Hancock,​​​​​​​

Thank you for standing on the Parliament floor and recognising how “incredibly important” it is that we take junk food out of the spotlight for young people. 

Young people are being bombarded by 15 billion junk food adverts a year online. That’s nearly 500 per second. 

I know you have been hearing lots of industry arguments about why a total ban of online junk food marketing isn’t the right solution, but I find the facts incredibly simple: companies are putting profit over child health. As our Dev, Co-Chair of the Bite Back 2030 Youth Board, puts it: “I get more messages from UberEats than from my grandma”. 

Companies put their millions into advertising because it works. Their adverts are designed to manipulate young people to crave more, pester their parents more, buy more, and ultimately eat more unhealthy food. The result is a clear link between junk food advertising and rising obesity rates. 

All while the threat couldn’t be more pressing: as you know all too well, obesity is linked to a higher risk of dying of COVID-19, in addition to a myriad of other diseases.

I don't think companies should be allowed to advertise junk food online — will you support young people’s health and stop the flood?

Thank you for listening to the voices of young people,

[YOUR NAME]​​​​​​

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