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Tell Your MP — Boris Johnson Must Abandon His U-Turn on Child Health

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Every day we are being bombarded with junk food advertisements. We see them everywhere we go. It’s relentless. We find it impossible to escape. 

This has a very real impact. Right now, the health of 1 in 3 children is at risk from the food they eat — with young people from poorer families most affected, and the danger rising rapidly over the last few years. 

For years, we have been saying: we’ve #AdEnough. It’s time to protect child health. And our efforts paid off! Less than two months ago some vital restrictions that would end junk food advertising online, and on TV before 9pm, finally became law. But just a few weeks later the Prime Minister gave into pressure from a tiny minority of backbench MPs, and decided to delay these policies — with a risk they’ll be scrapped altogether.

This puts the health of a generation of children at risk. The Government must stop playing politics with our futures.

We’ve recorded a powerful video to ask the Prime Minister: will you meet with us and explain why our health doesn’t matter? But to get his attention, we need MPs across the country to raise this issue. Will you email your MP and urge them to ask Boris Johnson to reverse his decision on junk food legislation? Every email you send will put more pressure on the Government to abandon this u-turn.

Boris Johnson: Will You Meet With Us?

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