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Act Now to #SaveOurStandards and Protect Child Health

Act Now to #SaveOurStandards and Protect Child Health​​​​​​​

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Dear MP,

As my MP I’m asking you to help save our standards and protect child health in any future trade deals.

The trade deals we’re now negotiating could drive the biggest change in what British people eat for decades. 

We welcome trade. But the wrong kind of trade deals could mean British farmers and food producers have to compete with products that would be illegal to produce here in the UK. They could also damage child health, as shown by past trade agreements between Canada and Mexico and the USA where obesity rates increased dramatically. 

That’s why, when the Agriculture and Trade Bills return to parliament, I am asking you to make the case that we save our world-leading British standards and protect child health in every trade deal. To do this we need to:

  • Legislate to ensure our environmental, animal welfare and food safety standards are upheld in all UK produced and imported products.
  • Strengthen the Government’s new Agriculture and Trade Commission by:
    • Extending its duration to five years. 
    • Including recognised public health, child obesity, animal welfare and environmental experts in its membership.
    • Ensuring it produces a report on every trade deal which should be debated and voted on in parliament.
  • Quickly implement plans to reduce child obesity, including improvements to our food labels and restrictions on junk food advertising.

Let’s have a race to the top, not a race to the bottom.

Please don’t let me down.

​​​​​​​About the Campaign

Trade deals could be the biggest thing to change the game for child health in decades. And if we aren’t careful, they could be really bad news for the food we eat.

We need to protect children’s health, our environmental standards, and animal welfare in any trade deal we negotiate. We welcome trade with other countries, but we don’t want to compromise our standards! We want all young people to have opportunities to be healthy, and have access to good quality, good value food, no matter where they live.

Act now

The government has said they’ll uphold food standards but there are clear signs it is backtracking. The Agriculture and Trade Commission they’ve announced doesn’t have much power, and doesn’t have all the right voices in the room. 

Over a million of you have already signed the petition Jamie supported in March, but now it’s time to email your MP to influence their upcoming vote and show them that you care.

We need to move fast to #SaveOurStandards.

Let’s have a race to the top, not a race to the bottom!


Get Involved!

We can change this and everyone can help! If you send an email to your MP above, we can then get in touch and keep you up to date with progress. 

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