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#PacketIn — Let's Bat Junk Food Out of Sport

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Dear England and Wales Cricket Board,

We believe junk food brands have no place sponsoring sport. Considering you’ve removed the KP Snacks branding from your kids kits, we think deep down you agree. 

If you really want to attract a youth audience to cricket, be honest with us. Pick a sponsor that actually has a place in sport — not junk food brands that athletes would never include in their diet. 

Your current and future young fans are asking you: prioritise our health and pick a new sponsor for 2022.

Sports teams are so incredibly influential to young people and it annoys me that teams could use their power to promote child health yet don’t. It disappoints me that The Hundred are dressing their players in bright colours with unhealthy sponsors and essentially making them look like bags of crisps — especially when they’ve explicitly said they’re targeting towards young people.
Jacob Rosenberg, Bite Back 2030 Youth Board

We all love watching sport, and this summer has to be right up there as one of the best — packed with action from Euro 2020, Wimbledon, the Olympics and the Cricket 100s. Billions of people across the world will be glued to their screens. It’s a massive advertising opportunity and companies are using it for one very specific reason: to give junk food a starring role in all our minds.

The Euros chose to put sugary drinks centre stage, and cricket’s new tournament The Hundred is giving the spotlight to a range of unhealthy snacks. Ever thought about how crazy that is — advertisers using sport to promote junk food to kids?!

The England and Wales Cricket Board created The Hundred with the intention of attracting a new young and family audience to the sport. So why aren’t they using the opportunity to put child health front and centre?

This year the Hundred athletes will be running around looking like bags of crisps, but next year could be different. 

Let’s tell the England and Wales Cricket Board that we’ve had enough of sports sponsorships that put child health at risk. If The Hundred wants young fans, then they have to listen to young people! Add your name to our petition demanding they #PacketIn and introduce a new sponsor for The Hundred in 2022. 

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