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2020/21 Youth Leader Applications Now Open!

Application Form

All young people should have the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live. That includes having access to affordable and nutritious food, but right now, over a million don't. Bite Back 2030 exists to change that. All of us are up against a flood of unhealthy food... 3.3 million children are overweight and the UK has the worst childhood obesity rates in Western Europe. It's time to take charge and make change happen!


Young people are at the heart of Bite Back 2030 and have been since our launch in 2019. We are a movement that exists so that every young person in the UK has access to healthy food, no matter where they live. Young people just like you are our real power. Together, you help us become a force that the food industry simply cannot ignore.

This is why we are looking for Youth Leaders that can help us get the big players in business and government to listen and act on a very important topic - the right to healthy food! We are delivering this training programme for young and passionate minds to come together to drive this movement forward.


All we ask is that you:

  • Will be aged 15 - 18 years old on the date that you participate the first online training session
  • Can commit to joining Bite Back's Youth Leadership programme for one year
  • Have an interest in child health and are passionate about making a positive difference to society for young people
  • Want to be the driving force behind positive change in your local community
  • Want to take an active role in helping Bite Back 2030’s mission to campaign for a better food system

We understand that everyone has different commitments of their own, so participation will vary over the year. We do ask that at a minimum you will join a closed Facebook group following the online training programme, and be listed as one of Bite Back 2030's Youth Leaders Network. 

Apply now!  The chance to apply only comes around once every year and applications close at midnight on Sunday, 19th July.


We are looking for a group of inspiring young people across England to become part of our cohort of Youth Leaders. If successful, you'll participate in an exclusive online training programme which will bring together a community of inspiring young minds, virtually and safely, in August. Through a combination of inspiration sessions from determined activists, empowering group work and exclusive personalised training, our Youth Leaders will finish the programme with the tools and skills to be the nationwide voices for Bite Back 2030. This is a unique opportunity to join likeminded young people from across the UK in a safe and inspiring online space; you don't want to miss out!

We've been working with young people since we launched. Here's what some of them had to say about their experience with Bite Back 2030...

Bite Back 2030 Youth Board member Tasha

Tasha: "The last 6 months since joining Bite Back have been FANTASTIC! I've met some incredible people and done some really cool stuff that I never thought I would do so early on in my activism."

Bite Back 2030 Youth Board member Jacob
Jacob: "I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given!"

Bite Back 2030 Youth Board Member Dev

Dev: "My time so far at Bite Back has been phenomenal and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities and experiences I’ve received and at the same time making a great change in the food industry."

These young people have got involved with activities including; writing letters to their MP's, meeting with businesses, speaking about campaigns on their local radio and attending networking events!

What can I expect at the online training programme?

The online training programme will give you the skills and confidence to help create change. Expect to explore things like how to make your voice heard, how to tell the Bite Back 2030 story and how to build relationships that inspire change. Specific time will be spent developing your skills in areas that you care and what to learn more about whether it's around business, policy, community, marketing & advertising or schools. You will finish the programme feeling empowered to spread the Bite Back 2030 mission and importantly, have a range of new skills to enhance your CV with and create real change. 

What can I expect after the online training programme?

By participating in the online training programme you'll be committing to joining the movement! You will be welcomed onto our first cohort of Youth Leaders and we will expect, at minimum, a commitment of one year. We're sure you'll love your experience, so you will have the chance to extend to the second cohort!

Have any more questions?

Not a problem! We cover a lot of extra detail in our FAQ's. If you still don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us on

Great, now it's time to complete your application form!

This won't take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete! We've asked for a short video at the end of the form, so you may want to record that first before answering the quick set of questions at the start.

Are you in full time education?

Bite Back 2030 is committed to ensuring diversity, equality and representation throughout this recruitment process. To ensure we can eliminate discrimination, we ask for your co-operation in completing the questions on this form. The information you enter on this form will be used for monitoring purposes only.

What would you class yourself as?
Have you been eligible for free school meals at any time since 2014?
What is your gender?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

And now onto the fun part...

Will you commit to joining Bite Back 2030's network of Youth Leaders from August 2020 - August 2021? *

Well done! You're nearly there!

To help us get to know you a little more about you, we'd like to know what areas you might be interested in:
BUSINESS - I think that businesses have a responsibility for young peoples' right to health, and I want to use my creativity to help them come up with solutions for how they can do this.

POLICY - I think that the government should do more to help young people be healthy. I want to sit down with MP's and the people that represent us in national government to develop policies that will help us improve child health.

COMMUNITY -  I love engaging with people and think real change can be made when we work within our community. I want to help reduce food inequality across the UK and think work in communities is a great way to do this.

MARKETING & ADVERTISING  - I'm super savvy with social media and like creating content. I want to use these skills to help mobilise more young people to engage with Bite Back 2030's mission. I also want to work with social media platforms & business to change policies that will protect children from the way junk food is advertised and marketed.

SCHOOLS - I think all school children are entitled to a healthy environment at school, which will allow us to be successful in our studies and beyond. This means more than just making sure there are healthy options in the canteen, we need to take ownership of our food environment and I want to deliver this change in my school.


Please tell us which of these areas you find interesting by ticking at least two boxes. If you don't know, just try to select two that sound most appealing to you. There is more info on the FAQ sheet!
If you are successful, do you understand that if you are aged 17 of younger, you will need to get a parent or guardian to sign a consent form before committing to the training programme

The Bite Back 2030 Youth Board!
The Youth Board are a team of ten young activists from across the UK and they are central to all of the work that we do. They are involved in our strategy and meet regularly with our Board of Directors. Our Youth Board drive their own campaigns and have been invited to speak at a host of media and parliamentary events on our behalf. They meet three times a year in person and three times virtually, receive extensive training at our HQ and also have the chance to utilise the Bite Back network (including coming in for work experience!)

Being on our Youth Board is a commitment but it's a unique opportunity to advance your skill set within a fast-growing charity, meet a diverse range of industry experts and extend your work as a Youth Leader.


Are you interested in applying to join our wonderful Youth Board?
We want to know, if you could change one thing about the food system, what would it be? Feel free to talk about your own food environment and personal motivations if you feel comfortable doing so. What is it that really sticks out to you? Is there anything unfair about it? Does anything make you angry?
One file only.
128 MB limit.
Allowed types: mp4, mov.

Keep up!

Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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